The 3 IT Disasters that Kill Engineering and Manufacturing Businesses Book

This book is a comprehensive guide to IT that has been written specifically with engineering and manufacturing companies in mind. That means it's relevant to your industry, and packed with information that will allow you not only to stay safe, but to thrive.

From performance issues that can lead to downtime and embarrassment all the way up to costly cyber-attacks, this guide will take you through the most important things you need to know about your IT.

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Mohan Chauhan

Director, Scheff Foods

"Thank you for the book. It is a welcome surprise to see that you have spent so much time and effort to publish a book to help businesses like ours"

About the author

Mark Dodds (Author)

Mark Dodds is the Director of Compex IT who specialise in helping business owners in Birmingham and the West Midlands solve their technology problems with effective IT Support services.